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Outdoor: get away from it all 

Outdoor activities are on the rise since years. Climbing mountains (and going down as well) and escaping to the fresh air is always a pleasure. 

The discovery of new landscapes is for many the best way to disconnect. For this, it is essential to be well equipped. Whether you are going on a short hike, a trek or a trail, we offer you all the necessary equipment to fully enjoy your excursions. 


Wide selection of Hiking Shoes 

A large selection of hiking equipment and shoes is available on Alltricks, suitable for all types of hiking: from a simple mountain walk to a trek over several days. Hiking or trail running shoes, specialized clothing designed for the mountain whatever the weather conditions, most suitable backpacks and accessories such as headlamps, GPS counters and watches, walking sticks, water bottles ... the must have panoply of the perfect hiker ! 


Mountain equipment 

To complete the hiking equipment if you are going for a long excursion on the summits, you will find all the mountain equipment you need such as tents, sleeping bags, camping and orientation equipment which will allow you to leave comfortably, and, most of all, safely. 



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