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Running : a booming practice 

Running, or sometimes footing, is a growing discipline that is gaining more and more followers. 

To run, no need for large infrastructures, a good pair of sneakers or running shoes, an appropriate outfit and outdoor paths are enough. Running equipment is simple. Starting running is therefore very easy and accessible to everyone because it is a cheap sport. 

There are several race formats: 5 km, 10 km, 20 km, half-marathon (21 km), marathon (42 km) and nature trails as well as ultra trails that can go up to more than 100 km. 

Fun races are emerging and reaching a wider audience: the Color Run, the Mud Day with obstacles, the Spartan Race… They are a fun way to discover and experiment running when you begin.  

The share of women who start running continues to increase each year. There are also 100% female races like “la Parisienne” born in 1997 who has been troubling at its starts for some. This makes it easier for beginners to get started on a race. This type of event favors sport, well-being and sharing. 

Team Running where Men and Women are mixed are growing fast. There is also many runners' blogs sharing experiences, enthusiasm and advices, as a community social network. 


Equipment in the running world 

To meet growing demand and satisfy runners on different forms of racing, the brands have developed very complete ranges of equipment and accessories. 

There are models of running shoes for road races, track, trail-running ... and running equipment suitable for more or less long efforts. It is important that your running equipment matches with the intensity and type of efforts you do will training. 

Clothes: shorts, T-shirt, tank top, bra, tights, socks, socks and compression sleeves, hat, gloves, neck warmer... 

Accessories: cap, hydration pack, water belt, phone armband, headlamp, spurs, watch... 

Food: energy bars and gels, isotonic drinks, recovery drink... 

Running Shoes: all the major sports brands (Asics, Mizuno, Nike, Adidas etc.) today offer running sneakers and some even have their bestseller known worldwide as the Asics Nimbus, the Nike Vaporfly or Pegasus, the Mizuno Wave Rider or the Salomon SpeedCross. 


Running Sale 

On Alltricks each year there is two periods of sale. One in winter across january and february and other in the summer time. During these periods you can equip yourself for your running trainings to acheive your objectives with discounts going up to 70% off. 



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