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BMX Race and Freestyle

BMX, small wheels for maximum pleasure! 

The small cousin of Motocross, BMX, was born in 1968 in California. Much cheaper than the motorcycle and providing as much emotion, BMX quickly seduced many people. 

As soon as 1970, official competitions  were created in order to supervise and regulate the practice. 

The international BMX federation was created in 1982, the BMX discipline joined the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) in 1993, and in 2008 BMX finally became an Olympic discipline. 

 The 2 BMX disciplines. 

In BMX, two practices should be clearly distinguished: BMX race and BMX freestyle

Always very inspired by motocross, the BMX race takes place on a track which measures between 200 and 400m, with 3 to 6 turns and many bumps (single, double, triple, whoops...). The start is generally given at the top of a ramp, the riders are aligned on the same line and as soon as the start lowers, it is a matter of going the fastest and crossing the finish line first. The races are very spectacular because they combine speed, jumps, falls and many contacts. 

Freestyle BMX designates a person using his BMX Bike to do tricks. The tricks are judged according to their difficulty, their originality, the style but also in the quality of the realization. 

Very connected BMX Free Riders make massive use of social networks, via photos or videos to share their tricks with their community. 

In Freestyle, there are still 4 sub-disciplines to distinguish: Flat, Street, Park and Trail. 

What is a BMX bike made of ? 

BMX is very easy to distinguish from other bikes. Indeed, it has small 20 '' wheels, a small frame and a very large handlebar with grips to give it very good handling and good responsiveness. 

On the tyres side, the latter are wide, smooth or notched (depending on the type of terrain and the discipline). 

Finally, BMX only has one speed and a rear brake. 

What to wear for your BMX sessions ? 

In terms of equipment, the driver of a bmx street will wear a bowl helmet, jeans or shorts, a t-shirt and flat shoes like Vans or Etnies. 

In Race, a full moto cross type outfit is used, with a full-face helmet, protections and clipless peadals shoes. 

You will find on a wide selection of complete BMX bikes, BMX parts, tires and other accessories. 



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